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Monday, 29 April 2013

Could “information” have killed Mutula?

Before we presume that he was killed, let’s examine the rationale for this conclusion:

-          He was in perfect health 48 hours before he died…Raila
-          He was in perfect health on the morning before his death- Mutula’s Gym instructor
-          He was in jovial mood and was perfectly strong when inspecting his farms – Mutula’s workers
-          There was nothing out of the ordinary when he took his dinner in the evening- Mutula’s Cook
-          He was found foaming from the nose and mouth when he was found dead in the morning
-          His door which is normally locked was found open by his workers…….presumably, they took long knocking because they expected the door to be shut and must have merely tried the door as a matter of course

Information kills. And it kills swiftly. The question is: who was likely to be hurt by this information? A Mr. John Kariuki has now been dispatched from the CID headquarters to lead the investigations taking over from the Machakos Boys. I’d want to believe that it’s because the matter is being given the seriousness it deserves by virtue of Mutula having been a great leader.

But what was this information? On March 28, 2013, Mutula Kilonzo intimated to a Standard Media employee that he’d soon be releasing information that would shake up the country to the very core. What could this information be? And why did he say that the newspaper could get banned for publishing this information? Who bans? It’s the government.

I am jittery about the tone taken by Jubilee supporters with rumours on how the killing of Mutula Kilonzo was planned in a hotel by Muthama and others. To the best of my knowledge, the authors of this story are not being questioned to authenticate their sources. It appears they are enjoying state protection while CORD supporters are shaking in their pants, weighing every word they pronounce, to avoid agitating the tribal hegemony. Will we ever know what information Mutula had? Probably No.

And what is worse, can we trust the CID to unearth and make this information public? In my opinion, the CID does not have what it takes to convince Kenyans that whatever they’ll come up with will be truth and not cover-up.

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