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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mutula’s death could be to “test the waters”: Who’s next after Mutula?

A famous African adage goes: never test the depth of a river with both feet. And its meaning is that a tactful man must first test the depth of a river with one foot while saving his chances of going back using the other feet. There’s also a Luo proverb that goes as follows: when one wants to cross a river, he must first throw a stone into it. Judging by the nature of sound produced, they’d then be able tell whether it is safe to cross it. Factoring out any other possible causes of death, and working on the assumption that Mutula was killed; I’d say that it’s possible that there is more where his came from. In the spirit of “accept and move on”, Kenyans have sat back and watched the spirit of democracy relegated to the sidelines in favour of technicalities designed to favour the high and mighty. Before the election, Kenyans watched in dismay as Saitoti and team took a RARE SOMERSAULT in what Jicho Pevu later convinced us was a brutal murder. Shortly after the elections, a RV nominated legislator was caught up in a car accident that almost claimed his life. And now, our one and only Mutula Kilonzo is dead over what conspiracy theorists are already terming as a well executed strategy. But what does this portend for Kenyans?

Preliminary findings on Mutula’s death probe are that it could have been as a result of poisoning and this leads to certain questions. Could someone have poisoned him? Could he have ingested the poison by himself intentionally? Was it a drug overdose? Vomit traces found in Mutula’s bedroom are an indication that he was a man under duress in the last moments of his life. But the servants found him ON HIS BED. So one must wonder: if Mutula was so distressed but had the strength to go back to his bed and sleep nicely, then why wasn’t he able to press a single digit on his phone to call for help? Could there have been an intruder in his bedroom to SUPERVISE his death? This question becomes even clearer when one factors in the statement of Mutula’s servant who noted that the CORD luminary always locked his bedroom before going to bed. Someone could have been in his room that night. The doctors also failed Kenyans by failing to establish how long he’s likely to have been dead. When he was found dead in the morning with foam covering his mouth and nose, all the doctor did was apparently to confirm that he was dead. But, how long could he have been laying dead? That shouldn’t have been hard to estimate? Anyway all this is water under the bridge.
Could Mutula’s death be an end in itself, or could it be the proverbial stone thrown into the river to test its breadth?  There are good reasons for such concerns. Not long before the 2013 elections, there was a claim by Jakoyo Midiwo that Raila was on the hit list. This had come shortly after claims that Raila’s campaign team was being trailed by unknown persons in sections of the Coast province. There was also an uproar in parliament shortly before elections where legislators decried what they viewed as an affront to personal liberties. In nature, events don’t occur singly. They are always as a result of well designed calculations. Only those who like to hide their heads in the sand like the ostrich see things as coincidences. There are no coincidences……..and even where there are coincidences in the eyes of man, they are certainly not coincidences from the perspective of the gods. 

There’s no doubt that Mutula was a very strong leader within the CORD coalition. The responsibility of leading a petition in a high stakes challenge is not one that is granted to simpletons. But Mutula certainly isn’t the strongest man in the CORD camp. He’s one among many and a step behind Kalonzo and Raila. If his death was political, then it can only mean two things: it’s either a warning shot to Kenyans to ACCEPT AND MOVE ON literally, or it’s a precursor for future action. It’s time Kenyans awoke to these realities; and they are disturbing.

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